The Sellers...

I posted some of these shots on my Facebook page already, but I had some more to share and I wanted to post them here instead.

This is David and Emmie Sellers. I met them about a year ago at Mulligan's Pub on 2nd ave. (Emmie had to remind me that we met that night... lot's of Tullamore Dew and Guinness) They live right outside of Atlanta and are photographers as well. A few months ago, Emmie emailed me and asked to book a session when they made it back to Nashville. We did, and it happened. We started at our friend's condo (Stan, thanks buddy), then moved to various locations downtown. Yeah, I took em to Shelby bridge... I had to.

I've kinda fallen in love with these shots and the Sellers. They knew exactly what I wanted every time. I barely posed them, they just acted awesome all day and I shot that awesomeness. If every shoot could go the way this shoot did, I would be the happiest boy in the whole wide world. Note: Bloody Marys and Mimosas were mixed and consumed during the day. That was Emmie's idea... David and I just went along with it. Here they are...



Long time coming...

Like bears, this blog hibernates. It's been a long while since I posted anything up here, so how's about a little Baseball. I got to work with some of my favorite people a couple weeks ago. Father Ryan High School. Jim shoots most of there stuff, but with him out of town, I picked up the slack and shot their opening week of Spring sports. I love stepping foot on that campus. Even on Saturdays the place is a-buzz with students and activities. It's a great school with an incredible staff that truly love their students. If I had it all to do all over again, I would have gone to Father Ryan for high school. I probably would have to be from Nashville... and me being Jewish doesn't bode well... you get my point. School=Awesome!