The New 814 Photography

Welcome to the new 814 Photography! 2009 is off to an amazing start and we now have a new website up and running at 814Photography.com. Take a look and be sure to sign the guestbook. We'd love to hear from all of you.

Below is some of our recent work with The Notables of Davidson and Williamson Counties. These books showcase some of the most successful business owners in the Nashville area and we are excited and proud to have worked with all of them.


Jim and Dave


Over the holidays...

It's a new year, which means new pictures and new ventures. The last couple months, we've been working our tushies off shooting for the Notables publication (being released mid to late January). It's been a great experience working with Eddie and Darlene and all the folks down at Leading Edge communications.

So here are a few pictures we snapped off over the break...

This is Mike and Jenny Luckett...and behind them is a 28' tall x 105' wide mural they completed in Lexington, Ky. They were commissioned by LexTrans and the Lexington Arts Commision as part of a citywide mural project. The buses were all painted directly onto the side of the wall and the inside of the windows were painted in sections in Nashville. We had to shoot this on Christmas day before the wine and tryptophan sent us into a napping bliss.

This is how New Years was spent, chopping wood in the middle of nowhere...fun times and good fire. Happy New Year to you all.