Vernal, UT | Nashville Nature Photography |

Last week I worked with Dean Dixon in Vernal, UT. The job was an ad campaign for a Lifepoint Hospital. All-in-all the shoot for the hospital went perfectly...and seeing as we were in Utah (with nothing to do), we set out and shot some scenic overlooks. SONP Scenic Overlook Nature Photographer. A term Dean coined...I can't claim it. Here's some of the shots:

I'm Bendy...



OK...So I'm working on a post from my Utah trip and ran into this video....Awesome!

Utah shots soon to come.



FRHS Homecoming | Nashville Sports Photography |

Some photos from last Friday's game...Father Ryan defeats BGA 27 - 13.



"An old white-haired guy with more yesterdays than tommorows." | Nashville Political Photography |

Bill Clinton is a badass! Can I say that? He's a badass? And the Tennessee Democrats are badasses for having him come to Nashville and speak at the Jackson Day event. Mikey the Lip (AKA Michael Krouskop) Called me up and asked if I would help him cover the event. He had me at "Clinton's gonna be there". Since Clinton's speech last Saturday, I've been obsessed with what his life's been like outside the spotlight of politics. If you're interested, check out the article "Bill Clinton, Public Citizen" by George Saunders. It's an impressive article. Unfortunately it's not online, but you can read it in "The Best American Non-Required Reading 2008".