Mississippi Night shots...

This past weekend, I worked down in Biloxi, MS and was able to get out and snap off some night shots. The moon was out and it was BRIGHT! With that bright light source, I was able to keep my exposures down to 30 seconds and below. So, keeping in mind that all exposures were 30 seconds and below, something perplexing popped up in one of my frames. Check out the following picture and notice the stream of light in the sky:

At first, I thought it was a shooting star, but it can't be. Shooting stars happen so fast that it wouldn't show up on the image (remember, 30 second exposure). So what is it? Could it be a satalite? A plane? Notice the pattern of dots within the streak...what's that? I blew it up so you could see it better:

Hook a brotha up....what is this?

Here are a few more pics from the weekend (hey Aaron, check out the treefrog...that's for you).


Mr. Hoff's Handicraft Herd

We were happy to oblige when local woodworker, Robert Hoff, contacted us to shoot his new series of animal puzzles. Not only are these little guys charming, but I suspect they are fun to play with at any age. Half the fun of the shoot was taking them apart and reassembling them...


Deutsche Seidenstruempfe!

814 has gone international. Our German artist/friend Verena Kempass has designed some incredible custom stockings that are hand-printed and beautifully packaged. Last week, Lena and I took them into the new studio and had a blast photographing them. They are not officially for sale yet, but if you are interested, drop us a note and we will get you in touch with Verena.