Into the Wild

Hello again!

Last week Dave and I took our gear deep into the woods to photograph a friend training for a rock-climbing competition. Not only is Roy a talented climber and a great outdoorsman but I believe there is a small village in Peru where he is considered a God. These are our favorite pics of the bunch...




Tattoo Highway...

Good morning all,

A couple weeks back I scored an audio gig on a TV show called Tattoo Highway for A&E. We traveled around the southwest tattooing people on a 1973 Silver Eagle tour bus. Needless to say it was great fun and quite an experience. The cast and crew were some of the best people I've ever worked with. Check out their site at Ministryofink.com. In the interest of saving space I brought a D80 and only one flash (SB800) but I still managed a few interesting shots...

Take care,



The Avett Brothers and Master Musicians Festival...

So it looks like my obsession with The Avett Brothers is continuing. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to shoot the Master Musicians Festival in Somerset, Ky. A good friend of mine, Donna, helps organize the festival and got us some media passes. This was especially cool because I felt a tad responsible for getting The Avett Brothers to play. Last Thanksgiving I saw Donna and passed on a compilation of their songs to her. Long story short, she fell in love with them, passed the CD around to others involved in the festival and they booked them. The entire weekend was incredible! Goose Creek Symphony played as well as Pinetop Perkins. Everything was great and we had a blast all weekend...Check out the festival next year. They're sure to have an incredible lineup.


Rhonda Vincent Video Stills

I recently had the great opportunity to photograph a Rhonda Vincent video shoot in North Carolina. My good friend Josh Greenberg of Bucks Boys Productions asked me to come down and take some production stills for him. If you haven't heard her music; check her out. Seven-time (7!) International Bluegrass Music Association female vocalist of the year and a very down to earth woman. Below are some of my favorites... -Jim


Wolfe and the keg room...

This is Wolfe, a musician and bartender here in Nashville. We had the opportunity to photograph him in the basement of Broadway Brewhouse (Downtown) the other night. After knocking out some setups in the keg room, we moved out to their storeroom. It's a photographer's dream (if moody and grungy is making it's way into your dreams). This is a setup that Jim wanted to try and I think it's one of the most successful shots of the night.


DIY meets slow day...

It's been a long time since I braved using my DIY ring light adapter and today seemed like the perfect day to break it out and create a photograph. I figured since I was using one DIY modifier, I might as well use two so I broke out a grid I fashioned out of black straws and a Sto-Fen Omni Bounce. It fits perfectly on an SB-800 and you can make one during the commercials of an episode of "Lost". Check them out:

The ring light adapter has seen it's fair share of shoots, thus sporting the tattered look. This was one of the first times, however, that I have ever used the grid. Worked like a charm and I hope to use it next week when we shoot a band called "Country Music". This is the final product...Jim on the phone:


Wedding shots from The Hulsey Wedding...

Thought we would share some select images from a wedding we did in Kentucky.

Can't and won't dance...

Last Saturday, Jim and I shot a St. Patrick Day party at The Greenhouse in Nashville. After photographing a slew of 20 - 40 somethings throwing their arms around each other and shouting indiscernible blurbs at the moment of shutter release, I needed to shoot something for myself. With an SB-800, a Pocket Wizard and a grid fashioned out of an extra SW-10H Wide Angle Flash Adapter I set out to do create a photograph of the DJ. Below are a few that I liked. You can see the flash in the second picture, but I loved the moment.