Custom Parts

Just finishing up some toning for an online auto parts dealer called Gauge Pro. It can be kind of a calming experience working with objects that have such simple, clean lines. And they don't talk much. Which can be nice.

-Jim and 814 Photography


First real shoot in the new studio...

So, we had our first "real" shot in the studio on Thursday. It was for a band named Blackwater James here in Nashville. Not only are they bad ass musicians, they're great to work with. Easy going and patient...what more could one ask for? The only issue was the selection of music we played during the day. They're classic rock and I'm more indie rock. My whole iPod is crap like Pinback, Death Cab For Cutie, and The Avett Brothers. I was able to find a happy medium we were all happy with...The Pixies (and some GNR a bit later). Here are just a few pictures from the session (we had to do the guitar head shots). We'll post the entire set when we get them ready.



New studio...Word!

Yup, we just acquired a studio space this week. It's a great spot right in the middle of Sylvan Park and down the street from the only real deli in Nashville, Goldies (side note: Goldies is closing on the tenth, so stop in and get your Matzoh ball soup and turkey pastrami while you can). We spent this week tricking it out and playing around...

This is a camera my grandfather owned. It's been on display in my room, so I thought I would bring it down for some product shots.